The Tale of Two Cities.

We are daily fighting a battle of light vs. darkness,  love vs. hate, truth vs. lies, sacrifice vs. selfishness, vulnerable vs. hidden. What life/city are we investing our lives into.  


Today was a beautiful moment of realization. 

I have always had a desire to share my heart but have always felt timid or insecure that my words wouldn't be received or my heart be accepted. Today I chose to feed my desire to be vulnerable. In a world where I am told that wearing my heart on my sleeve is ignorant, naive or even undesirable. 

So in my attempts to be honest and share my heart, I must admit my words are lengthy and it's rare for me to cut to the chase. But bear with me. 

I hope to encourage and uplift you. I hope to relate to you - remind you that you're not the only one in the world struggling. I hope to give you faith that no matter how hard the situation is, it is possible. 


I am currently in Hawaii for 2 weeks. I got a call from a family that I used to nanny for and have known for about 7 years. She asked me if I could watch the girls tonight. Without hesitation I agreed (they're just wonderful). I took them out for ice cream and we started catching up. I was so immensely amazed by their maturity and confidence outshining the average teen and per-teen insecurities. 

They trust me and look up to me so they got to explain a little about their their lives and current situation to me. They both have been experiencing some bullying/discrimination. As some might know, Hawaii is a melting pot and whites are the minority. I went to a some of my grade school years here and it was not easy being the target of teasing. I know the vulnerability and how impressionable girls are at that age and how it can effect a young girls confidence. I was blown away by my wonderful girls though, coming from a place that knows the pain of feeling out of place I encouraged them to keep their chins up and never change who they are. I usually get eye rolls and whatever's you don't understand me, but they looked at me and said, "I know, it's going to make me stronger in the end." 


I have had a very amazing week reminding me that everything happens for a reason. 

Many thing in my life have been challenging or hard, but I know that there is a reason and a purpose for the "trials" or experiences I face. It is encouraging and amazing to see a young freshman in high school realize that (even though it's hard) that each experience will create a better character and world view. 

The choice is ours. 

We can choose to be bitter or we can choose to grow and change our hearts. 



"Your story is the key that can unlock Someone else's prison."



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